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Calvin Klein rugs offer simple transitional patterns combining tonal contrast and unexpected colour combinations with surface texture, using wool, bamboo, and other natural fibres to provide wonderfully modern rugs that make a statement - strong or subtle
American 80’s and 90’s supermodel turned businesswoman Kathy Ireland has lent her name to a stunning collection of contemporary and transitional rugs covering the colour, size and materials spectrum to suit every budget
The world’s largest rug manufacturer offer an extensive range of area rugs in trend-setting colours and designs. The quality, craftsmanship, and proprietary finishing techniques make each piece a work of art at every price point
Rama make their own rugs to fill subtle niches in the UK market and have decades of experience in ensuring their designs, colours, materials and price points are superbly matched to the home furnisher of distinction



I have selected the best brands available to you in the UK, China and India, covering all the various design, materials, quality and size options- in budget options to suit every home furnisher!

I am constantly sourcing new suppliers, some of which will be exclusive to Persian & Modern Rugs in the UK, but if you cannot see what you need please contact me at to discuss your requirements. My custom rug making team are available to offer you a unique creation at very reasonable rates.