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Authentic antique Persian rugs have enhanced homes for centuries. Traditionally, the most splendid Persian rugs were entirely handwoven by carpet weavers in Iran, formerly known as Persia. The medallion-type designs did not suit mass production machine weaving, and due to the hundreds or even thousands of hours spent creating a rug, genuine high-quality Persian handmade rugs are expensive, and a home decor luxury only some homeowners can afford.

However, in recent times with the advances in technology, it is possible to make beautiful machine-woven Persian style rugs at a low price, making rugs that look just like traditional rugs, with the same motifs, but at a price that is more accessible. So thanks to technology, these exquisite rugs are now available to everyone. We stock hundreds of modern Persian and Oriental rugs in numerous colours. Darker colours like dark blueblackemerald green, or deep red are perfect for a living room, as they create a warm cozy feel and have the advantage of not showing every speck of dirt.

If natural light in your room is limited, a bright orange or yellow area rug will immediately open up the space, making it more luminous and spacious. A very light grey or dreamy cream rug is perfect for rooms without much foot traffic to create a peaceful, simplistic feel.

If you don’t see a Persian-style rug here that grabs your attention, please contact me. I work with top designer rug makers and can source any colour or design, no matter how specific your requirements are.

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