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How Much Is My Oriental Rug Worth?

There are many factors that determine a rug’s worth with many factors to consider when determining the value of an antique rug. These will include size, knot density, materials used, design & colour, age & condition.

So to determine how much your oriental rug could be, you have to take the following factors into consideration

Size Matters

So let’s start with the obvious one, to determine the price of your rug, yes it’s size – So obviously the larger the rug, the more materials, attention to detail and time are required to produce it. Therefore, the price tag will inevitably be higher.

The Knot Density

Otherwise known as knots per square inch, this is the measurement that signifies the complexity and tightness of the way a rug has been wove. So simply flip your rug over to the underside, choose a small area 1 inch by 1, then count both the horizontal weave and the vertical run and then multiply the two together and this will give you the knot density. So basically the more density of the knot, the higher the rugs quality and hence the higher it’s price.

Materials Used

Wool, cotton and silk are the three main materials used for producing high quality rugs and carpets. The choice of material is not only important for the look and the feel of a carpet, but for it’s durability and longevity. The higher value rugs are usually silk on silk, or silk with a fine wool blend.

The Design & The Colour

Ultimately, the purpose of any rug’s is to be visually pleasing and to bring a sense of style and elegance to a room. The design should always catch a viewer’s attention and keep them captivated by its intricacy and detail. When you look at a rug from a distance and then up close, does the detail cover the entire rug or just small parts of it? Does it have a variety and complexity of colour? The more Intricate the detailing and the more diverse the range of colours will command a higher price. Some higher value styles of rugs include medallion, portrait, repeating patterns and excessive blends of colour.

Age & Condition

If a rug’s age is over one hundred years old, it is considered to be an antique. Naturally, because rugs are made to be walked upon, there always will be the strong possibility that a rug this old will be in a a relatively poor condition. But if you have an antique rug has been lovingly looked after and well kept you could be on the way to make yourself a pound or two

Our Expert At Persian & Modern Rugs

So if you’re looking for a valuation, our resident carpet and rug expert Nicolas is on hand to help and you can email Nicolas here. Or if you are simply looking to buy an oriental rug you can see our vast range of designs here and let us help you make your next rug afforadble

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